Roy Butler calls for green light on Maranguka Intervention Program

Local State Member Roy Butler is calling for action on youth crime. PHOTO TWH

Member for Barwon Roy Butler is calling on the NSW Attorney General’s office to act on proposals put to it to deal with youth crime in Bourke, including residential diversionary programs on national parks.

Mr Butler said diverting young people from crime was the priority for the government to address and there needed to be a ‘swift and significant response’ to deal with the issues facing the Bourke community.

“Maranguka has a plan endorsed by all local Aboriginal nations and I’ve taken that proposal to the Attorney General,” he said.

“It has now been passed on to the Department of Community and Justice, and given that we have the opportunity through National Parks and Wildlife to use existing infrastructure, there is no time to delay implementing the Maranguka residential programs for youth.

“Other departments including Education and NSW National Parks are all willing to be involved, it’s just a matter of someone saying yes.

“Governments are typically risk averse, but the interesting thing is that the ongoing risk is youth crime.

“What is proposed is low risk to government – it’s a pro-active program initiated by a local NGO and there is no good reason to delay.

“If the Department of Community and Justice had any major objections, they should have been able to identify any problems. They have the documentation and should contact Maranguka and implement the program.

“I have spoken to the Minister for the Environment who is happy to look at using national parks as a site and I have made representation to the Office of the Attorney General.

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