Reward yourself and get vaccinated

BACHS Service Manager Claire Williams, Deakin Orcher, IGA Manager Rana Waheed Khan, Bonnie Smith and Dr Cho Oo Maung at the vaccination draw. PHOTO TWH

The Bourke Aboriginal Corporation Health Service is driving a vaccination blitz in Bourke, with prizes and incentives for people to get their COVID jab.

A marquee was set up outside IGA supermarket on Friday and in Central Park opposite the health service. This week there will be another pop-up clinic outside Spar supermarket.

BACHS CEO, John Ireland, said making the service visible and accessible to the public meant staff could provide information about COVID-19 risks and support and engage the community in the delivery of health strategies.

On Friday, patients who received their vaccinations went into a draw for prizes of up to $500 as well as free t-shirts and shopping vouchers.

Winners of the IGA vouchers were Peter Allwood, Tegan Orcher and Dwyane Whiteman. Winners of the shirts were Taiaha Walsh, Destiny Millerton and Jacob Clarke.

The aim of the blitz is to increase vaccinations within the Bourke community, particularly among Aboriginal people.

Mr Ireland said that this is achieved by creating a more relaxed space for the community to engage with BACHS staff, ask questions and have a conversation before deciding to be vaccinated.

Increasing the vaccination rate of the Bourke LGA will also contribute to the overall NSW vaccination rate, help the state open, have remaining restrictions lifted sooner, and hopefully minimise the need for future lockdowns.