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Residents and council create wish list

Bourke Shire Councillor and staff on tour around the villages last week - pictured on the newly-installed Louth sign are General Manager Leonie Brown, Manager Corporate Services Ang Pasang Rai Mayor Barry Hollman and Councillor Victor Bartley. Photo contributed

From more footpaths to access to cemeteries - and of course, roads, roads, roads - the travelling Bourke Shire Council roadshow has heard it all.

Councillors and council staff toured Louth, Wanaaring, Enngonia, and Fords Bridge last week, with Byrock and Bourke next on the list, for a series of community meetings with residents.

Not all the items on the residents’ wish list will get the go ahead, but Bourke Shire Council General Manager, Leonie Brown, said it was important to hear from residents in more remote parts of the shire, and she said anything they wanted to raise was on the table.

“These community meetings are very important to our residents and gives them the opportunity to have input into the council’s delivery and operational plan for 2023-24 and things they’d like to see included in our budget,” Mrs Brown said.

“Some of those suggestions might not be accepted into the budget but at least we know what’s required to upgrade council infrastructure, be familiar with the facilities in our villages and what’s happening within the communities.

“The purpose of the community meetings is also to provide council staff with the opportunity to review the road network, the highways, and smaller roads right up to Hungerford, Louth, Wanaaring, Enngonia, and Fords Bridge.

“We were able to get feedback on council’s provision of services and maintenance across all those villages.

“The meetings also gave us the opportunity to meet the people who do the volunteer work, because without them, we couldn’t keep those villages up to the standards they are, and we appreciate the voluntary effort they provide. […]

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