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Recycling a win for Bourke

Charles Wilson and Judi Lucas with a mountain of containers waiting for the recycling truck. Photo Twh

Tricia Duffield

The recycling program at the Bourke Laundry is a win for the community, the environment, and the council - and the positives are having a real impact on families in the town.

Bourke Laundry Manager, Judi Lucas, said at last count there had been almost 3.7 million items recycled through the program in Bourke in just over four years.

The total amount of money that had gone back into the pockets of residents and organisations in town was almost $370,000 - and counting.

Road closures have caused a recycling bottleneck for now, and Judi said until the Cleanaway truck could get through, no more items could be handled.

However, as soon as the Sydney Road re-opens, people can come in with their glass bottles, cans, and plastic soft drink bottles - and get their refund.

“It’s been a real success and has made a big difference to the town,” Judi said. “I’ve noticed less rubbish along the side of the roads and around the town, which is a positive, but it’s been a good thing in so many other ways as well.

It’s helped Bourke Council - can you imagine 3.7 million items going into our landfill?

“It’s meant council hasn’t had to dig up any more land at the tip for the glass and plastic that has been recycled.

“It’s also made a big difference to many people - just having a bit extra in their bank accounts and saving up for holidays.

“I had a lady come in the other day and she said she hadn’t touched the money she had made through refunds in three years, and she had saved two and a half thousand dollars, just from putting away $15, $16 at a time from bringing in bottles and cans.

“Some people send the money away to kids in boarding school as pocket money, and some people give it to the grandkids if mum and dad are doing it a bit tough.

“One lady told me she hadn’t had a holiday in 20 years, and she had saved enough from recycling to go away and not have to worry about counting her pennies.

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