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Professional photographer joins The Western Herald

The Western Herald’s new Operations Manager, Noel Fisher. PHOTO TWH

by Layton Holley

Noel Fisher, a professional photojournalist from the Central Coast has come to Bourke to take over production of the local newspaper.

Since the 1980s Noel has travelled the world searching for the perfect shot.

That search has taken him around Australia, through the rolling dunes of the Middle East, to the ancient ruins of Egypt and the icy mountains of Nepal.

Now it has taken him to the centre of the universe – the Back O’Bourke.

“I love photography because it records history, records life,” Noel said, looking at an image of a young man gazing off into the setting Arabian sun.

“A photograph is a moment in time that will never be repeated, and I think that there’s something special about that.”

In 2016 Noel enrolled in a journalism course, and since then, he has published stories in local papers along the central coast, Women’s Day Magazine and the Adelaide East Herald (to name a few) and published a book about homelessness in 2017, called – “Partnerships Ending Hardships.”

At The Western Herald Noel, as Operations Manager, will oversee production, photography, and will also contribute written stories.

“I am excited to be here in Bourke,” he said. “I am looking forward to meeting and working with the community and capturing life in this beautiful little town.”


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