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Preparing for ‘Back to School’

From L-R: Melissa Clarke, Alana Hibbard, Charlotte McGrory, Joshua Knight, Samantha Gordon, Hayley Hayman. Niamh Nicol, Tony Smith, Melissa Kiley, Tiffany Smith, Una Taylor, Gabriela Guimaraes, Sarah Ashleigh, Jemmah Knight. Absent are Leon DeVeau, Melissa Brookson and Shirley Hayman. Photo TWH

nset: AllIan and Pat Amos joyfully bringing in the new term! Photo TWH

Today, Thursday 8 February 2024, marks an eagerly anticipated return to classes at St Ignatius Parish School, where excitement fills the air.

This day heralds the beginning of a new chapter for 14 bright new kindergarten students joining the vibrant school community, along with the return of approximately 90 familiar faces.

“We’re delighted to welcome Gabriela Guimaraes as a new addition to our teaching staff,” Principal Una Taylor said, “while the dedicated team members from previous years continue their invaluable contributions”.

Miss Gabriela Guimaraes is an educator with five years of primary teaching experience, including two years working as a STEM teacher at two catholic schools in Melbourne.

Miss Guimaraes brings her expertise in Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE) to St Ignatius this year.

Through studying the Science and Technology K–6 Syllabus (2017), students explore scientific and technological concepts and gain knowledge and understanding of the world. They develop skills in conducting scientific investigations and designing and producing solutions through learning about the living world, material world, physical world, earth and space, and digital technologies. […]

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