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Police appeal to Bourke parents – please help these kids!

Central North Police District Commander Superintendent Andrew Hurst and District Inspector Jeff Little are appealing to community leaders to work with families. Photo TWH

Police are calling for parents to change their ways as the community grapples with an escalation of anti-social and criminal behaviour in Bourke.

Senior police say some parents are encouraging their children to engage in anti-social behaviour and are failing to support the efforts of the community, police, and teachers.

Central North Police District Inspector Jeff Little said some of the biggest risk factors to young people were within the family.

“It is very disappointing that some family supervision, discipline and parental involvement is poor, and that includes attitudes of promoting anti-social behaviour,” Inspector Little said.

“School-related factors that increase the risk and can lead to this sort of behaviour include low achievement rates, aggressive behaviour, bullying, lack of commitment, truancy and school disorganisation.

“In the wider community sense, the risk factors include community disrespect, availability of drugs and a lack of neighbourhood attachment.

“Regrettably, some of the parents that come into the police station with their children who are subject to the Young Offenders Act take it seriously, so these things start in the home.

“The key is education and anyone with an ounce of vision would realise that not encouraging and directing their children to education, and the opportunities that result, are setting up their own child on a path of self-destruction, ultimately incarceration and worse,” he said.

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