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Pink Breakfast Fundraiser

Event coordinator Maude Harrison and Sammy Camerson from Breast Screen NSW love these events. Photo TWH

On Sunday morning Lightning Ridge was bathed in the gentle radiance of a new day for the long-established tradition of the Pink Ribbon Breakfast.

At the heart of this cherished event was Maude Harrison, a relentless force of nature and a prominent figure within the community.

Gathering within the Multi-Purpose Centre at Spider Brown Oval were 120 town residents, all eager to participate in this meaningful event.

Maude addressed the assembly, explaining that the Pink Ribbon Breakfast was emblematic of the unwavering support from the community.

Sammy Camerson from Breast Screen NSW was alongside Maude with information on hand.

With a voice that trembled slightly under the weight of emotion, Maude began her address, “Thank you all for your participation in this ongoing journey”.

“Together, we have raised over $30,000 for Breast Cancer research, a remarkable achievement of your incredible generosity,” Maude said.

The success of the Pink Ribbon Breakfast bore testimony to the efforts of the community. Maude thanked all individuals and organisations that had played roles, remarking.

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