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Peter irrigates Bourke

Peter Moore of PJM Irrigation upgrading the in-ground watering system in Bourke’s Central Park. PHOTO TWH

Former Bourke boy Peter Moore is currently revamping all the in-ground watering systems in Bourke’s Central Park and other parks and gardens around the town.

In recent times, Peter has contracted or subcontracted in-ground irrigation installations at the Back O’Bourke Exhibition Centre, Jones Park, Central Park, and the Wally Mitchell Wharf Precinct. Peter was born at Bourke and went through school here, where he met his wife, Rebecca. They now live in Dubbo with their four children and run a company called PJM Irrigation. “I named it after myself” Peter told The Western Herald last week, “and I have been working on irrigation projects since I was first employed by Darling Irrigation 20 years ago”. “It’s great to have this work in my hometown,” Peter said.


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