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Paperwork slows SPAR rebuild

Bourke’s SPAR Supermarket proprietor, Chandra Kollipara. Inset: SPAR supermarket goes up in fames on 27th December 2021. PHOTOS TWH

Bourke’s SPAR Supermarket will rise again, but red tape and COVID have put the brakes on the rebuild.

Proprietor, Chandra Kollipara, said the insurance company had accepted the claim with an electrical fault cited as the cause of the fire, which destroyed the popular store on Monday 27th December 2021.

Mr Kollipara said he was now waiting for the paperwork to be processed and until then, he could do little but sit – and wait.

“The demolition has been completed and the site is clear,” Mr Kollipara said.

“We are waiting for the insurer to complete the liability accident claim, and a few reports from a Brisbane assessor that works for the insurer.

“They have stated in their report no suspicious activity was involved, but because of COVID, the insurer has lost staff. So he’s waiting to submit his report to the assessor who will forward it to the insurance company for a decision.

“We are still waiting for the insurer to give us an update.

“Because the claim is a big one there are internal protocols to go through. In technical words we have been told ‘the quantum of the claim is big, so we have to go through internal protocols’, so that’s why we’re waiting,” Chandra said.

Hundreds of residents have expressed their sadness at the loss of another Bourke institution and their love and support for Chandra and his family and staff.

Just four months earlier, the much-loved Diggers on the Darling burnt to the ground and is yet to be rebuilt. {…}

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