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Outback kids get taste of Australian Defence Force careers

Tim Wykes (Head Careers Teacher), Raymond Cubby (Goodooga Central School), Malajei Lane (Goodooga Central School), Austin Hallett, Levi McCabe, Brighton Seabrook, Tayla Flint, and Isabella Mallouk (all from Lightning Ridge Central School). Photo TWH

Several year ten and eleven students from the Walgett Shire and Goodooga won’t forget last Sunday in a hurry.

Students from the Lightning Ridge Central School, the Goodooga Central School, and the Walgett Community College embarked on a six-day journey to attend a pilot program put together and funded by the Australia Defence Force.

Tim Wykes, Head of Careers for the Lightning Ridge Cluster of schools is excited about this unique opportunity and explained how it all came about.

Mr Wykes said that his role is to bring awareness of what is on offer for students in career paths for their future.

“Many students don’t know what is out there for them, or even what they want to do, whether it be further study or pathways into career options, which can prove even harder while living in remote regions,” he said.

“With all this in mind, I spoke to an ex-student of mine, James Evans from the Air Force Base in Wagga, and Isobelle Massey from the Australian Defence Force, and it appears that there is no real recruitment strategy when it comes to remote areas or the Indigenous communities.”

Mr Wykes said that, as a result, the Australian Defence Force has put together a package to showcase the career opportunities that exist in the Australian Defence Force across the three main areas. […]

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