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Outback Historian spruiks the story of Bourke

Pat and Norm Barnes from Orange on the Bourke History tour and checking out Paul Roe’s book – ‘Tell Me Another’. Photo TWH

The Outback Historian, Paul Roe, has been busy around Bourke, eager to share his stories of local history.

Having spent three decades in Bourke, Paul Roe is the perfect man to share local stories. He is passionate about his topic and finds he never runs out of an audience keen to listen.

“When you’re telling stories eyeball to eyeball, with real people who come from different backgrounds and places, you can see them engaging at different levels,” Dr Roe said.

“That’s what I love to do, and the Jandra riverboat at Easter was the perfect place to do it. It was great to work with Greg, the new skipper. The river stories are still alive, so it was great to jump on board with him.”

Dr Roe said that over Easter, he met with a huge cross section of people from all different states. […]

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