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Outback Fishing Challenge a huge success

Organisers of the Outback Fishing Challenge – at back l-r: Sarah-Jayne Bock, Shane Bates, Darren Milgate, Russell Tiffen, Richard Stephens, Joe Gardiner, Fatty Hudson, Brodie Parry, Dwayne Willoughby, Steven Coyne, and Jarrod Willoughby. Front: Beau Coyne, Krystal O’Shannessy, Bruce Delany (kneeling), Charley Coyne, Tracey Coyne, Maisie Coyne and Ernie Delany. Photo TWH

Bourke’s Ain’t Caught Nuffin’ Fishing Club

The Outback Fishing Challenge run by Bourke’s Ain’t Caught Nuffin’ Fishing Club was an enormous success over the weekend.

And judging by the enormous number of fishers and families that turned up to the weigh-in and presentation at the Darling River Golf Club on Sunday afternoon, and the fantastic support of sponsors, the Outback Fishing Challenge is here to stay!

Organiser Ernie Delany said that even though only a few ‘table’ fish were caught over the weekend, participants had a great time eradicating thousands of carp from the river.

“Jay Hull’s camp alone pulled 297 carp from the river over – I’m glad I wasn’t baiting up the hooks for his camp,” Ernie said.

“I’m not so sure why we have so many carp now – maybe they have just over-populated and pushed out the other fish – but I can guarantee if you put a hook out there at the moment, you’re going to catch a carp.

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