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Outback auction of a lifetime

Tony Mallon with an historic steam engine – just one of the lots on offer. It was used on Belalie Station, near Enngonia up until 1980. Photo TWH

Kristin Murdock

An incredible auction featuring a lifetime collection of local antiques and memorabilia is taking place at Enngonia and online on 23-24 October.

Enngonia resident Tony Mallon is ‘80, going on 81’, and part of a family that has lived in the Enngonia district for seven generations.

A keen collector, Tony has decided it’s time for other people to enjoy his vast array of antiques and collectibles.

“It’s time to share my passion,” he said. “At the moment everything is just stored in my sheds and while my family shares my passion for these things, it’s not to the extent that I do.”

Tony Mallon is a walking history of the local area and was a shearer for 50 years. Both sets of his great-great grandparents lived around Enngonia; one family living 40 kilometres south and one family living 40 kilometres north of the town and running the Belalie Inn.

“My great, great grandfather on one side was named Tom Allen and the other was Tom Mallon,” Tony said. “I have great memories of both of them and can remember horse and bullock teams being yoked to gears and walking in circles to work pumps, produce chaff and run other machinery.” […]

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