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North Bourke Pub wants your pics, and a publican!

Some of the tradesmen involved in rebuilding the North Bourke Hotel: Scott McAdam, Oliver Gordon, Adam Edwards, Aaron Coyne, Leighlan Brown, Jarrod Willoughby and Patty Poole. PHOTO TWH

Owner of the soon-to-be-complete North Bourke Hotel, Lindsay Curry, is on the look-out for some photographs from locals to pay homage to the local area and to document the pub’s history.

“We are making some substantial collages up; they are a metre wide by 1.2 metres high and they will be hung on the walls of the new pub,” Lindsay said.

“One will show the history of the pub going back to 1880 with some photos we have been able to source.

“Another will show the total rebuild, through the COVID period with all the tradies and guys that have worked on site.

“There will be two showing the ‘Friends of the Northy’.

“If people would like to send some of their photos in, there is still an opportunity to be included, and to be known as a friend of the Northy.

Lindsay says that people might have pictures of mum and dad or aunts and uncles that used to drink at the old Northy, and he would like to include them as well.

“I like to see the pub as a community asset, a place for community groups and families without poker machines.

“It would be great to see the local service clubs involved if they are looking for a local watering hole,” Lindsay said.

Maybe cricket, football and other sporting clubs would like a place just out of town to meet; so, this could be a place for them.

The new hotel building is basically complete and is ready for the full fit out; with the cool room to be installed this week.


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