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New Walgett Mayor after historic election

Walgett Shire Council’s new Mayor, Councillor Jasen Ramien. Photo TWH

Walgett Shire Council

Last Thursday was a significant moment in the Walgett Shire as Councillor Jasen Ramien of Collarenebri was sworn in as the new Mayor, with Col Hundy becoming Deputy Mayor.

Councillor Ramien replaces Councillor Jane Keir as Mayor and Col Hundy from Lightning Ridge replaces Councillor Greg Rummery.

This election is the first time that a Councillor from Collarenebri has taken on the role of Mayor, reflecting the deep-rooted connection Mayor Ramien has with his home shire.

Having spent most of his life in Collarenebri, Mayor Ramien is deeply ingrained in the community.

Assuming his new role, Councillor Ramien acknowledged the dedicated service of Councillor Jane Keir and Councillor Greg Rummery, who capably served as Mayor and Deputy Mayor, respectively, over the past three years.

Councillor Ramien’s profile extends beyond the political arena.

In addition to his mayoral responsibilities, he continues to run a family business, Ramien’s Transport and Earthmoving.

His commitment to the community is exemplified by his co-founding of the Collarenebri Water Sport and Fishing Club.

With over three decades of service as a volunteer firefighter, Mayor Ramien currently holds the position of Group Captain in the North West Zone.

His passion is equally dedicated to the environment, community, family, and the rural lifestyle of the Walgett Shire.

With a touch of humour, he even jokes about being the mayor in his spare time.[…]

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