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New Walgett GM ready for work

Walgett Shire Council’s new General Manager Megan Dixon. Photo Twh

New Walgett Shire General Manager, Megan Dixon, has already rolled the sleeves up ready to work, after she officially took over the role last week.

After a few tumultuous months for the Council, Ms Dixon brings a steady and experienced hand to the role.

She has an impressive career in diverse industries including mining, manufacturing, aviation, agriculture, tourism, retail, property development, construction and the public sector, but her real skill has been in planning.

As former director of Regional Development Australia Orana, Ms Dixon has highly developed skills in planning and developing projects, but said she was excited about having a more ’hands on’ role at Walgett Shire Council.

“I said to the councillors when they interviewed me for the job that I loved my work with the RDA but it was very ‘hands off’ - I would be involved early on in various projects, but I missed seeing them through to fruition.

“This role allows me the opportunity to be involved in planning and developing projects from the start to completion.

“The other aspects of the role that appeal to me are the things I am familiar with. Walgett has agriculture, a big Aboriginal community, tourism and mining - all things I have been working on in my previous role and in my skill set where my passion lies,” Ms Dixon said.

“Working for Council is different to the RDA in another aspect as well. As General Manager of the Walgett Shire Council my role is serving a community, rather than a whole region.

“I can already see areas within Council where we can make improvements. With every GM, they may do things a little differently and my strengths are strategic planning and working within a community.

“I can see some gaps already around communication to the community, and my commitment is to work with the community and build a strategic plan. […]

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