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New Manager of Khan’s IGA, Bourke

Russell Riordan is the new and recycled Manager of Khan’s IGA Store at Bourke. Photo TWH

With the staff shortages and supply-chain issues due to the pandemic and other world events over the past couple of years, you wouldn’t blame a person for running as far away from the supermarket industry as possible.

But regardless of these challenges, Russell Riordan, after leaving the industry for a few years to manage the Bourke Post Office, has taken up the challenge once again to serve the Bourke community as the Store Manager of Khan’s IGA.

“With the Spar supermarket burning down at Christmas,” Mr Riordan said, “I believe that Bourke needed somebody who could step into the IGA Store Manager role who had been in the community for a while, knew the community, and had the community’s interests at heart, and that is why I took the role back on.

“I was getting a lot of feedback from people saying, ‘the shop looks terrible and needs someone who cares about the shop,’ so when I was approached for the position, I thought I could turn the ship around.

“I have plenty of years of experience in retail; having started with Woolworths over 40 years ago, and I worked there for 30 years before I came to Bourke to be the IGA Store Manager the first time in 2014.

“I’ve been in the town for eight years now, so I know the community quite well, and I believe I have the trust of the people in the town.

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