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New doctor settles in Bourke

Dr Shahab Siddique with wife Aimee and daughter Lilah after the ANZAC Day service. Photo TWH

Bourke has a new permanent doctor, who has his sights set on a long and useful term in Bourke, serving and becoming part of the local community.

Dr Shahab Siddique and his wife Aimee and two-year-old daughter Lilah have been in Bourke for just over a month, and say they are feeling welcomed and accepted into the community.

Born in Pakistan, schooled in Melbourne, and medically trained in Perth at the University of Notre Dame, Dr Siddique says he has been very fortunate to have travelled extensively around Australia, serving a diverse range of communities along the way.

“I have worked in five Australian states and have been privileged to provide medical services where needed.

“I’ve worked in major metropolitan and rural areas and have been really fortunate to travel with my work.

“It has been rewarding to have lived and worked in places where I’ve been needed and where I have been able to give back to those communities.

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