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National campaign to protect Opal Industry

Kelly Tishler is spearheading the national campaign. Photo TWH

In response to the NSW government’s Independent Review of Small-Scale Titles affecting Lightning Ridge and White Cliffs, a national campaign has been launched to promote the conservation and protection of Australia’s opal fields and industry.

The ‘Protect Our Opals Australia’ National campaign aims to inform and educate a wide range of stakeholders, including miners, retailers, business owners, and local communities, on the issues surrounding the review.

Kelly Tishler, a third-generation Lightning Ridge opal miner and prospector spearheads the campaign, declaring that the review should be a crucial step towards acknowledging the significance of the opal industry while preserving its rich heritage for the future.

“It is vital for all stakeholders to unify to protect and preserve the industry,” Kelly said.

The review, announced in June 2023, seeks to analyse the current condition of the state’s opal industry, focusing on the mining industry based at and around the outback towns of Lightning Ridge and White Cliffs.

Once completed, the review will deliver recommended changes to the current small-scale title framework.

Initially, the review’s issues paper caused confusion and fear among small-scale miners who needed help answering the questions raised in document, leaving them with a feeling of uncertainty about the future industry of opal mining.

After the submission date was extended to March 31, miners and landholders are coming together to make their submissions in a spirit of co-operation. […]

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