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Mummified rats unveiled in history class

Mrs Flaherty with her mummified treasure. Photo TWH

Lightning Ridge Central School

Lightning Ridge students have witnessed a unique unveiling in the classroom, with teachers taking them on an intriguing historical journey.

Under the guidance of teacher Amy Flaherty, the students delved into the intriguing practice of ancient Egyptian mummification – with a creative twist.

“We couldn’t conduct experiments on animals for ethical reasons, so we decided to carve faces into apples and entomb them in a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda, closely resembling the ancient Egyptian practice,” Ms Flaherty said.

Weeks later, the results were astonishing as the apples transformed into things that resembled shrunken heads.

The experiment caught the attention of Lightning Ridge Central School’s Principal, Richard Finter, who revealed a surprising artifact from his own teaching days—an original pair of mummified rats from a school project conducted two decades ago. {…]

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