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Morrall’s Bakery welcomes Diggers’ workers

Morrall’s Bakery staff Ellie-May Milgate and John Milgate selecting the new menu with Suman Maharjan. PHOTO TWH

Morrall’s Bakery is proud to announce some new, yet familiar, faces to the team.

Arun Gurung, Gau Puja and Suman Maharjan, will be familiar to locals as the friendly and talented staff from Diggers on the Darling.

Morrall’s Bakery Cook and Front-House Manager, Ellie-May Milgate, said the team at Morrall’s are very humbled to welcome, and work alongside the ex-Digger’s crew.

“We are very excited to be working together.

“The guys will work alongside Dad (Johno Milgate) and I, to bring a new dining experience and menu to the town on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

“We will have a full dinner service menu on Thursday and Saturday nights with Pizzas and Ribs on Friday nights.

“Together we are all looking forward to this new adventure, and can’t wait to have everyone join in and support the team and taste the food,” Ellie said.


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