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Mental Health plan for Bourke

Margo Anderson(Justice Advocacy) and Catherine Cubby (TSEP). PHOTO TWH

The Mental Health Summit in Bourke last week was a huge success, with more than 70 people adopting a plan and committing to cooperation between agencies.

Director of Wellness Connect at Maranguka, Adam McLean, was one of the lead coordinators of the summit, which attracted local organisations and agencies, individuals from the community, Federal MP Mark Coulton and some high profile speakers who shared their personal stories of dealing with mental illness.

Adam said the aim of the summit was to set out in practical ways, how the community could improve its delivery of services and support people in need.

“I know we’ve said it before, but working together, cooperating and communicating, is the best way to come up with any sort of strategy,” Adam said.

“It was a really successful summit, with people from outside our community travelling here to share their experiences. They didn’t come to tell us what to do, but they wanted to share in building something for the future – a framework for the next five years.

“We had experts talking to us, we had the various local agencies and services, and it’s clear that if we all cooperate and communicate with each other, we can come up with something that will benefit this community.

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