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Mayor calls for response to bail plea

Bourke Mayor Barry Hollman is disappointed with the lack of response from the state government regarding the Bourke crime rate. PHOTO TWH

Bourke Mayor, Councillor Barry Hollman said he was ‘disappointed’ he had not yet received a response to a letter written on behalf of the Bourke Council, and the Bourke community, regarding the rising crime rate in Bourke.

Councillor Hollman wrote to the Premier on 9th February, appealing for a review of bail conditions for young offenders, the second time he had appealed directly to the government to review how the courts dealt with repeat offenders.

“I have had no response, none whatsoever, and I am disappointed because it is an issue of great concern to the community,” Councillor Hollman said.

“They did say the Premier had received the letter and that’s the disappointing thing about it, because 99 out of 100 letters don’t get to the Premier.

“Surely, they understand we are concerned about the issue when we write to the Premier.

“I raised the issue with the Minister for Western NSW, Dugald Saunders, when I met with him last week and he assured me the Premier had read it and would be getting back to us.

“That hasn’t happened, and I will be following up on that this week.

“But yes, I am disappointed there has been no response and that is a real concern,” he said.

Councillor Hollman had previously met with the President of the NSW Children’s Court regarding the issue of bail and had previously written to the Attorney General’s office.

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