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Master Opal Carver teaches the experts

Andrew Kemeny on left, overseeing Scott Sucher as a student. Photo TWH

Master opal carving craftsman, Andrew Kemeny, has been teaching the finer points of opal carving to one of the world’s most prominent diamond and gemstone cutters.

Mr Kemeny, who is the leading opal carving tutor at Down to Earth Opals in Lightning Ridge, has been showing the finer points of his art to world-renowned gem cutting expert Scott Sucher.

Scott Sucher is recognised for his ground-breaking work with The Discovery Channel and the Smithsonian Institute, and in uncovering the genealogy of the Hope Diamond.

But his expertise doesn’t stop there - Scott has replicated over 35 iconic diamonds, including the legendary Cullinan Series Diamonds, the Tiffany Diamond, and the Elizabeth Taylor Burton Diamond, along with many others.

Scott’s journey in the world of gem cutting started at the tender age of 14 with cutting opal, and by 19, he had already mastered the art of faceting when cubic zirconia was emerging in the market.

From there, he embarked on creating exquisite replicas, and over four and a half decades he has established a world-renowned collection that sets him apart from traditional cutters.

Scott’s expertise has been honed through years of dedicated research and experimentation as he continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in gem cutting.

Today, Scott has developed a deep passion for cutting natural stones and gemstones of all materials and sizes.

To unlock the full potential of these stones, Scott has embraced ‘concave faceting’, a technique that allows him to bring out their inherent beauty in ways that traditional faceting cannot achieve. His innovative approach to gem cutting has earned him widespread acclaim and admiration from experts and enthusiasts alike. […]

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