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Mason Hardy joins Footy Forum on 2WEB

Dane Parnaby, Paul Quigg, Mason Hardy (in mask), Mum Nicole Hyland, Jan Griffiths, Trae Wilson, Dwayne Willoughby and Neil Driscoll (kneeling) at the 2WEB studios. PHOTO TWH

Footy Forum on Outback Radio 2WEB is back on the air every Saturday morning, bringing listeners all the latest in the NRL.

All the panel favourites have returned for this NRL season, including – Dwayne Willoughby, Paul Quigg, Neil Driscoll, Dane Parnaby, Jan Griffiths, and Rod Corfe.

And last Saturday, the Footy Forum team was joined by Trae Wilson and Mason Hardy, with more than footy news for 2WEB listeners.

Paul Quigg had worked his long-standing rugby league connections to arrange a special gift for Mason, who has had an ongoing battle with leukemia.

Mason has spent 19 months off school for treatment at the Westmead Children’s Hospital, with fundraising support from the Bourke community.

“I’m feeling a lot better, it’s just my legs now,” Mason said.

Mason’s Mum, Nicole Hyland, explained that that the side effects of some of the drugs had restricted blood supply to Mason’s legs, causing Avascular Necrosis (AVN).

AVN is the death of bone tissue due to a loss of blood supply, and Nicole said that Mason would eventually need hip, knee, ankle and foot reconstruction.

“All the bones in his left foot are ready to collapse and he also has arthritis in there.

“He’s okay when he’s sitting but can’t last very long when he is on his feet,” she said.

Mason has always been a big South Sydney fan and was presented with a Rabbitohs jersey and cap by the Footy Forum team just before the show.

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