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Lizzie, Denise and Amanda gain their diplomas

Childcare Diploma graduates Lizzie Mann, Denise Dixon and Amanda Bell at the Bourke District Children’s Services with Mabel Johnson, Dakota Whitbread, Elsie Lovett, Mason Simmons and Theodore McLean. Photo TWH

Bourke and Districts Children’s Services is one of the community’s vital organisations and has made a commitment to invest in staff training and qualifications, with three staff members recently acquiring their Diplomas in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Denise Dixon, Lizzie Mann, and Amanda Bell have all gained their diplomas, reflecting their dedication to their work, their love of children and their deep affection for their hometown.

Denise Dixon has worked in the childcare sector since 2007 and has been like a second mum to many of Bourke’s youngsters, some of whom are now adults. She is now the Aboriginal Liaison Officer for BDCS.

In fact, Denise said she has been involved in the care of some family members for more than a decade and is now caring for the siblings and nieces and nephews of some of the now grown-up children she first met all those years ago.

Denise said seeing the kids blossom over the years has been a reward, but it is achieving the goal of further qualifications that has also brought her a great deal of professional satisfaction.

The diploma is no easy task, requiring two years of intensive study and practical work and Denise said it had been a long-held goal to continue her professional development and achieve the diploma - and she’s not done yet.

“It was a really good experience gaining that knowledge and getting a better understanding of the services we provide as childcare workers and learning all the regulations and changes in the sector,” she said.

“I originally did my Certificate III in 2007 and this Diploma was something I really wanted to achieve.

“I love working with the kids, teaching them about the world outside home, and getting them started on their first lessons - colours and shapes and the love of learning.

“I see them reach their first milestones - learning to crawl and walk and taking their first steps as they transition from home and then on to pre-school and kindergarten and then into big school.

“I am one of the first people they get to know outside their family, and it is a wonderful experience to be that second mum.

“A good experience right at the beginning makes a difference and seeing kids come through childcare, pre-school the completing primary and then high school has been a big journey. […]

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