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Lightning Ridge on alert for food and medical supplies

No bread, no milk, no eggs on shelves at Lightning Ridge Khans IGA. Photo TWH

Rata Jackson

Grocery stores in flood-affected areas look COVID lockdown-affected, with Lightning Ridge being no exception.

Panic buying is seeing multiple trolley loads of groceries being wheeled out of the local Lightning Ridge Khans IGA, clearing the shelves of milk, bread, toilet paper and eggs, to name but a few of the items on the ‘must have’ list.

The cafés are also feeling it without being able to purchase the staples they buy locally. The shelves have been empty for days, and when the helicopter does arrive, the new stock does not make it to the shelves.

“Even with bread limited to two loaves per customer, it does not seem to work as family members continue to enter the store to buy more, making it hard for those who can’t get there when the delivery arrives,” one customer mentioned.

“Customers are blaming Khans when in reality it is those who are buying everything ‘just in case,” another local mentioned. “In the last big flood, everything was flown in by the Hercules, and it was all good. Bloody COVID all over again!”

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