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Lightning Ridge Bowling Club reports big profit and huge membership

Newly elected director Noel Burke and with Ray Brown who was reelected for a further term as director. Photo TWH

Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club

The Annual General Meeting of the Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club was held on Sunday – delivering a handsome profit and reporting an impressive list of members.

Although AGM attendance was somewhat affected, possibly due to the Grawin Show, the overall outlook remained optimistic.

The Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club evaluates its performance using key indicators, shedding light on its financial and operational well-being.

The club reported a profit of $2,041,533 after accounting for income tax expenses during the fiscal year, underlining its financial prosperity.

A substantial cash flow of $2,950,883 was generated from operational activities throughout the financial year and the club boasted membership figures of an impressive 44,496, reflecting a robust community engagement.

CEO Scott Bailey expressed satisfaction with the club’s current trajectory.

Mr Bailey emphasised that the Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club remains steadfast in its commitment to both short-term and long-term objectives.[]

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