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LAWN BOWLS – Big win for Bourke Ladies Pennants team

The victorious Bourke ladies’ pennants team l-r: Fiona Rankmore, Sue Green, Joan Dickson, Barb Davis, Sharon Knight, Jenelle Hambrook, Trish Taylor and Krystal Bock. At back: Manager-Coach Kurt Dickson and Bourke Bowling Club President Mark O’Shannessy. Photo THW

The Bourke Ladies Pennants Bowls team secured a resounding win at the weekend.

The Grade 4 team was up against the Macquarie ladies in a match at Bourke and wrapped up the day 5-0 with a score of 45-27.

The winning team members were Team 1 - Barb Davis, Joan Dickson, Sue Green and Fiona Rankmore and in Team 2 – Krystal Bock, Trish Taylor, Jenelle Hambrook and Sharon Knight.

Congratulations ladies!

Jarryd Samuelsson

The Bourke ladies with the Dubbo Macquarie Pennants team, l-r: Fiona Rankmore, Judy Winterton, Sue Green, Roslyn Joseph, Betty Cosier, Joan Dickson, Ruth Shanks, Barb Davis, Margaret McManus, Sharon Knight, Patti Sharman, Jenelle Hambrook, Therese Gaio, Trish Taylor, Pat Ryan, and Krystal Bock.Photo THW


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