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Invitation to newcomers to meet the locals

Representing the Bourke Historical Vehicle Club at last year’s welcome to Bourke function: John Thompson, Phillip Harvey, Les Harding, Bob Stutsel, Liz Kerr, Neil Driscoll and Frank Kerr. PHOTO TWH

Bourke Shire Council will hold it’s annual ‘Welcome to Bourke’ event next month – the thirteenth welcome ceremony for newcomers to the Shire.

This year it will be held on at the Back O’Bourke Exhibition Centre on Tuesday, March 8th from 7pm.

Bourke Council’s Economic Development Manager, Melanie Milgate, said it was a chance for the community to embrace people who were now settling in to their new home town.

“We would like to extend the invitation to all new residents, to head to the beautiful Exhibition Centre for nibbles and drinks and enjoy the hospitality of the community,” Melanie said.

“It’s a chance for new residents to get to know our community and for us to get to know you.

“We’ll introduce you to local organisations, the schools, sporting clubs and services like the health department.

“It’s just a wonderful opportunity for you to meet people and you never know – you might run into someone you’ve met in a previous job or another town.

“And if you are a business or a sporting organisation, you might get a knock on your door and an invitation to take part.

“Most importantly, we want our new people to stay here, so the invitation is there for everyone to come along on Tuesday March 8th from 7pm at the Back O’Bourke Exhibition Centre and show them what a great community we have here in Bourke,” Melanie said.


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