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Indigenous Games success at Goodooga Central School

The Indigenous Games started with an Indigenous Dance. Photo TWH

In a remarkable display of unity and cultural celebration, 35 schools across NSW congregated within the intimate community of Goodooga for the 14th annual Indigenous Games, a spectacular event last Thursday.

With a mere 250 residents, the population of Goodooga experienced an astonishing threefold increase as schools from afar flocked to the town.

Principal of the Goodooga Central School Malcolm Banks said the games were and amazing success with 570 students from 36 schools attending.

“There were over 130 staff members, elders from Goodooga and other communities, visitors from Lightning Ridge and all over,” Mr Banks said.

“We catered for about 980 people for our sit-down meal on Thursday, and with all the help we received, it was a huge event and a huge success.”

As the event unfolded, the preceding Wednesday saw schools from distant locales gathering for an afternoon of getting acquainted.

This vibrant prelude was adorned with generous hospitality, including a sumptuous feast and a disco for the students and staff to meet and mingle.

Lodging arrangements were meticulously managed, with visiting students and staff finding rest within the school’s premises—classrooms or a dedicated on-site residence.

Moreover, the tight-knit townspeople generously welcomed the influx, opening their homes to accommodate the visitors. […]

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