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Opal Unrest at the Ridge

Acting Reserve Manager for the Lightning Ridge Opal Reserve, Victoria Lugovoy, preparing templates for submissions. Photo TWH

On the May 30, 2023, 600 miners turned up at the Lightning Ridge Bowling Club to discuss pressing issues with representatives from the Department of Mining.

The focus of the gathering was to address the contentious revaluation of mining claims that had been invalidated due to administrative oversights.

This changes have stirred up considerable concern at Lightning Ridge and White Cliffs.

The meeting discussed changes to the process of obtaining small-scale titles in Lightning Ridge and district.

These changes have left questions unanswered, creating a climate of uncertainty and dissatisfaction among the local mining community.

To address these concerns and chart a course for the future of the opal mining industry the NSW government has commissioned an Independent Review to examine state of the industry and recommend strategic directions, including proposed legislative and policy reforms.

Despite the critical nature of this review and its implications for stakeholders, it appears that the communication channels between the government and the opal miners, as well as claim holders, have been less than adequate. […]

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