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Historic data agreement signed in Bourke

Agencies meeting with Seer Data and Maranguka to discuss data collection and use in Bourke – l-r: Ben Orcher, Phillip Sullivan, Kwabena, Ansah, Melanie Milgate, Inspector Matt Gava, Maxine Mackay, Brooklyn Willoughby, Leonie Brown, Keren Barker, Kelly Lienesch, Chelsea Simmonds, Prue Ritchie, Kristi Mansfield, Cathy Lowe, Rod Johnson, Tanya Mitchell, Andrea Burazor (Seer), Lizzy Mann, James Moore, Leanne Towney, Pat Canty and Alister Ferguso. Photo TWH

Maranguka and Seer Data & Analytics have signed an historic collaboration agreement to achieve the shared joint objective of enhancing access of data, to support Aboriginal people in Bourke and to improve life outcomes for all people in the Bourke community.

Seer Data provides the data technology that powers Maranguka’s Palimaa Data Platform to enable Indigenous data sovereignty in Bourke.

Following the signing of the agreement Maranguka met with representatives from the Bourke community and the service sector to discuss handling and use of data in the local community.

Executive Director of Maranguka, Alister Ferguson, said that the data will be put in the hands of the community.

“There’s a range of areas where data is available – including offences, school attendance, health issues and so on – and we are building a platform called Palimaa to hold this data and make it available for community use.” Mr Ferguson said.

Mr Ferguson said that Maranguka was trying to bring together all the data of the Bourke community that is being held be government departments and agencies and have it held at the local level.

“We also want to analyse that information and develop strategies on how we might overcome or address issues that are highlighted by the data, and identify what is working well in the community,” Mr Ferguson said.[…]

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