Health Minister Hazzard is “concerned about Bourke”

NSW Health Minister, Brad Hazzard, listening to local advice at a COVID roundtable at Bourke Hospital last week. PHOTO TWH

Continuing COVID infections in Bourke and Wilcannia have provoked a huge response from NSW Health, police, the ADF, and others.

Health Minister, Brad Hazzard was in town last week ahead of the set-up of a COVID isolation camp at the Mitchell Caravan Park.

Mr Hazzard met with local health agencies, medical staff and community leaders to hear what was needed to combat COVID, and to boost testing and vaccination rates.

“There is an incredible effort going into keeping the community safe which was evident from the meeting we had,” Minister Hazzard said.

“There is concern about folks listening to social media with silly misinformation, and not listening to medical science.

“Health workers are out there, communicating with community members who may be reluctant to have the vaccine.

“These workers have been incredible, knocking on doors, explaining the risks of not being vaccinated and organising support for people isolating, providing food and other needs, particularly in smaller communities like Enngonia.

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