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Goodooga meeting marks a significant step forward

Brewarrina Shire Council meeting in Goodooga - back l-r: General Manager David Kirby, Clr Tommy Stanton, Clr Doug Gordon, Clr Noel Sheridan, and Clr Isaac Gordon. Front l-r: Clr Trish Frail, Mayor Vivian Slack-Smith, Deputy Mayor Angelo Pippos and Clr Mark Brown. Photo supplied

Brewarrina Shire Council

The Brewarrina Shire Council’s monthly meeting was held at the library of the Goodooga Central School on Friday.

Unlike typical council meetings, which can often be perfunctory and uneventful, this session stood out for its collaborative spirit and effective teamwork.

The meeting was characterised by notable harmony among the councillors and staff, contributing to its smooth and well organised order of business.

This positive dynamic within the Brewarrina Shire Council has not gone unnoticed by external bodies and government departments.

A significant acknowledgment of the council’s effective teamwork came during the LGNSW State Local Government Conference on November. Mayor Slack-Smith, Councillors Pippos, Sheridan, Frail, and General Manager David Kirby were in attendance.

In his opening remarks, the Minister for Local Government Ron Hoenig specifically praised the Brewarrina Shire for its strategic approach and exemplary teamwork.

Another commendable achievement is that the Brewarrina Shire Council’s HR team has successfully filled all its positions.

This is a remarkable feat in the current employment climate, where both government and private sectors are experiencing widespread vacancies.

Additionally, the council announced significant progress on the Splash and Play Park in Goodooga.

The foundations of this project are complete, with the park’s opening expected in the near future.

This development is a testament to the council’s commitment to enhancing local amenities and community engagement.

Overall, the Brewarrina Shire Council meeting demonstrated effective governance and highlighted the council’s role as a model for other organisations in team collaboration and project execution. […]

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