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Goodooga Central School Celebrates

Damo is the 37th Graduate of Goodooga Central School. Photo TWH

A remarkable event unfolded last Thursday evening – the Goodooga Central School, a cornerstone of this community celebrated its annual graduation ceremony.

This event marked both the end and the beginning of educational journeys for two of its students.

With just 32 pupils, the school has always academic growth.

Presiding over the event was Mrs Jan Rasmussen, a teacher with more than 19 years’ experience at the school.

Her role as MC was more than just a formal duty; it was a testament to her deep connection with the school and its students.

Mrs Rasmussen had seen generations of students pass through the halls of Goodooga Central, and her presence added a layer of continuity and tradition to the ceremony.

The evening was made even more special when Principal Malcolm Banks, spoke with pride and affection for each student.

His speech was a a deep, meaningful dialogue that touched on the essence of education and personal growth.

He emphasised that graduation was not an end but a transition to a new chapter in life, a chapter where learning continues, and responsibilities grow.

Special attention was given to the two graduates of the evening. […]

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