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Goodooga Artesian Bore Baths a tourism hot spot

Brewarrina Shire Council is considering expanding caravan accommodation at Goodooga to meet demand at the Goodooga Artesian Springs. Photo Twh

The Goodooga Artesian Springs (or Bore Baths) are the surprise success story of tourism in Outback New South Wales.

In fact, the popularity of the bore baths has been so overwhelming the Brewarrina Shire Council is looking at extending the car and caravan parking area and looking at improving facilities and amenities in the town to accommodate the visitors.

Brewarrina Shire Council General Manager, David Kirby, said the new Goodooga General Store and the 24-hour fuel outlet were also key factors in building tourism numbers.

“It’s quite remarkable to see such a small, remote town with so many people in it,” Mr Kirby said.

“Some nights during the cooler months there will be anywhere up to 100 vans at the free camping site and on average there are 70 vans a night - and we would have more if there was more parking space.

“The facility is growing in popularity and is much more popular than we first anticipated, so we are looking at ways to expand the parking area so we can accommodate more vans next year,” he said.

Imagine waking up to a complete oasis in outback NSW?

The promotional brochures tell you that - now you can do that, at the Goodooga Great Artesian Bore Baths Complex.

Located on the edge of Goodooga, there’s a brand new, purpose built, fully wheelchair-accessible pool fed by water from the Great Artesian Basin.

The warm waters from deep underground in the Artesian Basin maintain a constant temperature of 40 degrees in the pool.

The therapeutic benefits of Artesian Waters have been known around the world for thousands of years. […]

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