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Fluoride set to return to Bourke’s water supply

The Bourke water treatment plant. Photo supplied by Bourke Shire Council

Fluoridation of the Bourke filtered water supply is set to return after an equipment malfunction at the old Bourke Water Treatment Plant back in 2016, which resulted in the fluoride dosing being halted.

Although Bourke previously had fluoride added to its filtered water supply, fluoride has not been added to the water for some years, according to Bourke Shire Council General Manager, Leonie Brown.

“Councils fluoride plant failed back in 2016. At that time Council was planning to build its new water treatment plant. The decision was taken at the time not to expend funds on repairing an old dosing system, so fluoride was no longer added,” Mrs Brown said.

“With the building of the new water treatment plant, a new fluoride dosing machine has been included and Council is now waiting for that component of the new plant to be commissioned.”

Mrs Brown said that Council has had to seek all new approvals and follow stringent protocols when it ultimately re-commences adding fluoride to the Bourke water supply. […]

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