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Fight for success at Bourke PCYC

Fighting for success at the Bourke PCYC – standing: Vana Jurotte, Bruce Delany, Blake Barker, Jaimyn Moore, Dane Edwards, and Jake Hoban. Front: Jayreece Dixon, Braith Kelly, Jarryn Moore, and Malcolm Johnson. Photo TWH


Bourke schoolteacher Jake Hoban spent many years in the ring, training and fighting, before he came to Bourke.

Jake basically moved out to Bourke to progress his passion as a teacher.

After a short time in Bourke, Jake noticed how there isn’t much in town for the kids, especially those who get into trouble.

Through PCYC, Jake asked permission to start some boxing classes aimed at those who are passionate about boxing and would like to progress to a fight.

This program – called “Fight for Success” is open to all but is also focused on kids who have been getting into trouble and coming in and out of the juvenile justice system.

With help from PCYC Manager Rozaria Suckling, CatholicCare, and the police Youth Engagement Officers Vana Jurotte and Dylan Schetor, the program has become a real success.

PCYC Manager Rozaria Suckling, said that kids who have been in trouble with the law, have been released from a juvenile justice facility or who are on good behaviours bonds, are being encouraged to get along to the Bourke PCYC.

“Some of these kids are on curfews and we are trying to give them something positive to do, and a bit of freedom, rather than getting bored and getting back into old habits,” Rozaria said.

“With the big effort put in by Jake, the police, and PCYC staff, numbers have been growing each week, so hopefully we are really fighting for success.”


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