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Farewell to Mrs Parry at St Ignatius School

Rikkie Lee, Paula Parry, Eriko Rose and Sophia Turnbull dressed for ‘P’ Day. Photo TWH

Friday was a special day for the staff, students, and families of Bourke’s St Ignatius Primary School.

‘P’ Day was a sendoff for a very special staff member, Paula Parry, or Mrs ‘P’, as she is more affectionately known.

Mrs P had her last day at work on Friday after 19 years as a part of the St Ignatius school family.

Starting off as a classroom support staff worker, Mrs Parry has now spent many years as the Administrative Officer at the school.

To mark the occasion all the St Ignatius staff and students dressed as something beginning with the letter ‘P’.

There were princesses, professional sports people, police officers, and many others, limited only by the imaginations of the staff and students.

Paula said that she will miss the children first and foremost when she finishes work at the school and begins a new chapter in her life.

What does the next chapter hold for Mrs P?

“My first grandchild is on the way in November,” Paula said. “And I will be helping my husband with his business at Garf’s Mechanical Services”.

“I have enjoyed all the roles I have worked in at the school – helping the children, helping the staff, it has been an honour to be here.

“I will miss the staff and the relationships I have formed over the years; it has been a really fantastic place to work,” Paula said.


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