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Exceptional artistic talent at the Ridge

Priscilla Martinez drawing local legend, Terry ‘Mappo’ Mapperson. Photo TWH

Lightning Ridge Central School

Charli McCabe with a drawing of her dad Mitch. Photo TWH

Students at Lightning Ridge Central School continue to shine with amazing artisitc abilities.

Under the guidance of talented art teacher, Priscilla Martinez, who has devoted 13 years to nurturing and inspiring young artists, the school has become a hub for creative excellence.

A product of Lightning Ridge herself, Martinez left Lightning Ridge briefly to pursue her degree at the University of Newcastle.

However, her passion for art and her deep connection to her hometown drew her back to the Ridge, where she has been shaping students’ artistic potential ever since.

The current focus for the Year 11 students is hyper-realism portrait drawings crafted meticulously with graphite pencils.

Hyperrealism, a relatively new art form, captivates viewers with its astonishing lifelike qualities, often mistaken for actual photographs or objects.

The Lightning Ridge students’ portraits primarily depict their family members, as they were tasked with capturing the essence of those they admire most.

The emotional impact of these portraits cannot be overstated, as family members have reached out to Ms Martinez, expressing heartfelt gratitude and tears of joy upon seeing the incredibly accurate depictions of themselves created by their children. […]

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