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Empowering Youth to succeed beyond the finish line

Emily Stewart (teacher), Quenisha Walford, Mattie-Lee Seaton, Makayla McBride, Emily Webb and Harriet Messner (teacher). Photo contributed

Lightning Ridge Central School teachers have been training with four high school students to complete the ‘Run Beyond’ program, to run a 10km goal race that, at the outset, they considered impossible.

Makayla McBride, Mattie-Lee Seaton, Quenisha Walford and Emily Webb gave up their time to complete the program outside of school hours.

With the help of teachers Emily Stewart and Harriet Messner, they worked towards the 10km run and worked to develop skills that can be applied beyond the finish line.

These skills are meant to enable students to succeed in any field which inspires them!

According to Lightning Ridge Central School teacher, Emily Stewart, running is a fantastic endeavour of itself, but running is also the tool that is used to develop other crucial skills.

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