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Dog owners warned as mice numbers increase

Bourke’s Veterinarian Charlotte Cavanagh. Photo Twh

Dog owners are being warned of a potential poisoning threat as householders step up their battle against mice.

Bourke’s Kidman Way Vet, Charlotte Cavanagh, said she had treated several dogs recently, suffering the effects of eating poisons used for eradicating the mice.

Dr Cavanagh has warned owners to take extreme care when baiting for rodents.

The treatment involved blood transfusions for the affected dogs and Dr Cavanagh said it was important for owners to be observant if there was a risk of them ingesting dead mice or poisonous baits.

“People may have noticed that mouse numbers are climbing and as a result, people are using preventive toxins to control them,” she said.

“Dogs might pick up the poison pellets directly or by eating mice that contain the poisons, and treatment can be tricky, because unless you see the pellets or see them eating or passing them, you might miss the signs.

“The digestion period is about a week and up until then, the dog might look fine, but then as the toxins work on their red blood cells, they become lethargic and go white in the gums.

“The red blood count is low because these toxins work on rodents by stopping red blood cells which then kills them.

“Depending on how early the owners detect poisoning in their dogs affects their treatment, so if your dog becomes lethargic it might need a blood transfusion.

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