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Cultural Opening to Easter Festival

Cultural dancing at the Lightning Ridge Easter Festival. Photo TWH

Fleur and Laurance Magick Dennis from Milan Dhiiyaan made the trip to Lightning Ridge to perform the opening cultural dance act of the Easter Festival on Saturday.

They also held a workshop on Friday for the locals, children, and adults, enabling them to perform with them in the opening ceremony.

Over 50 kids and a few parents turned up for the workshop, and for two hours, they went through the dances they would perform the following day.

Khiah Boney, Tiarnie, and Ava McBride marked the opening of the Easter Festival with Welcome to Country.

Aunty Brenda McBride and Aunty Rhonda Ashby had prepared the smoking ceremony, and the dance began.

Seeing the young local Indigenous children focus on the story and dance while performing in front of thousands showed their dedication to culture. The emotional performance was a sight to behold as children and adults alike were in tune with the stories of dance.

Many children are generally timid, but their pride for their land and culture shone through. The workshop and performance allowed locals to connect with their cultural heritage and share it with others in the community. Milan Dhiiyaan’s efforts to promote cultural understanding and unity continue to positively impact communities like Lightning Ridge. […]

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