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Community War Memorial a ‘must-see’ in Walgett Shire

Karen and Chris 'Burdo' Burden. Photo TWH

The Sheepyard community war memorial, located on the opal fields between the Sheepyard Pub and the Glengarry Hilton, is a ‘must see’ for those visiting the Walgett Shire.

President of the War Memorial for over 10 years, Chris Burden laughingly says that he did not turn up for a meeting and got voted in.

“I’ve been president ever since,” ‘Burdo’ said.

“I have never served but have always been fascinated with the war memorial and would come down and clean up and do whatever needed to be done around the place.

“All the displays – cannons and war memorabilia have been donated to us, and a lot of the displays are on loan” Burdo explained.

“A lot of people that come to visit realise that they have wartime stuff laying around at home gathering dust. People are happy to donate it to us so that it is put to good use.”

Anzac Day at the opal fields is a big event. The average turnout is 380 to 500 attendees.

Veterans from all over Australia flock to the Anzac Day celebrations with breakfast and refreshments available.

The War Memorial is run by volunteers and though they would like to open more regularly, it is sometimes unable to open due to shortages of helpers.

“However, when we know something big is happening on the fields people do come to help such as the Men’s Shed,” Burdo said.

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