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Caring for dogs in the heat

Dr Katrina Warren. Photo contributed

As another heatwave swept through NSW and Queensland on the weekend, vets were warning that residents of the Outback should be doing everything to keep their dogs cool

Dr Katrina Warren, a highly respected vet from PetSafe told 2WEB’s Rod Corfe that there were ten tips to help your dog keep its cool during the summer heat.

Best known for her media presence, Dr Warren recently became PetSafe’s official spokesperson for the annual Pet Hydration Month awareness campaign throughout January/February 2024.

During summer, vets across Australia often see an increase in dehydration and heat exhaustion cases among domestic pets, which can be fatal if left untreated.

So, Dr Warren is on a mission to raise awareness of dog safety during hot months and offered some tips about animals, particularly dogs.

“The number one thing is having water available,” Dr Warren said. “But you must also think about where that water bowl is placed and if it will it last and stay cool throughout the day.

“Many people make the mistake of putting the full water bowl outside, but as the sun moves, the water can heat up quickly to almost boiling, undrinkable conditions. Also make sure it can’t be knocked over and if you’ve got one of those puppies that likes to empty the bowl, then you need to make sure you check it throughout the day.” […]

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