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Calling all women with style

Maddi Ward, Jodi-Ann Hunt and Krystal Hurst getting into the swing of Outback Fashion Month. Photo Credit: Prudence Upton

Caroline Wallace and Emma Hoy hope Outback Fashion Month will inspire creativity in communities across the outback. Photo Credit: Fiona Edge

Women with style, an artistic flair, or who just love to make things are invited to take part in a series of workshops during Outback Fashion month.

The project is part of Outback Arts, and the creative workshops are being run by Signal Creative.

Organiser Caroline Wallace said the Outback Fashion workshops will be held in Brewarrina, Bourke and Walgett and the creations will then be seen gracing the catwalk at the fashion parade during the family and cultural day during Baiame’s Ngunnhu Festival on April 15.

“Signal Creative has been working with women in the region for the past five or six years and we started to see the excitement when they were working on items that had a basis in fashion,” Caroline said.

“They were doing fashion designs, prints and costumes and so we thought we could grow that into the Outback Fashion month.

“The fashion and design scene is growing and there are great designers around the region, making everything from jewellery, accessories, First Nations women making adornments and young women using different materials like polymer clay - all creating beautiful designs so there is definitely some up and coming talent out there.

“The month is basically four weeks of free and accessible fashion design workshops and activities, and anyone can attend to make things with us - textile printing, upcycling of denim, jewellery making and working with different artists using all sorts of materials for jewellery and earrings, so it’s an exciting opportunity.

“There is a vibrant scene in the outback, and we love seeing lots of designers who can sell their stuff through local shops, which is wonderful.

“We are still calling out for designers and artists to submit pieces to be featured in the fashion parade at Baiame’s Ngunnhu Festival on April 15 in Brewarrina.

“Everyone is welcome to contribute and if you are interested in the workshops, you can contact Signal Creative on our Facebook page or contact Outback Arts.

“We will be doing something every day from March 27th leading up to the fashion parade so if you have a creative spirit, we’d like to see you there,” Caroline said.


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