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Building drought resilience at ‘Karalee’, Enngonia

Farm Managers Robert James and Martha Linstadt at Karalee. Photo contributed

Enngonia farm managers Martha Lindstad and Robert James have set out to build more drought resilience into ‘Karalee’, a rangeland grazing operation near Enngonia, and part of the SLM Group.

Martha and Robert joined the RCS Drought Resilient Soils and Landscapes Program in 2022 to better manage their grazing and prepare for drought.

Growing up on a small farm in Norway, Martha has worked her way through New Zealand and Western Australia to now find herself in NSW’s northern rangelands.

“Australia’s environment can be unforgiving and very harsh, with droughts, fires and floods,” Martha said.

“You really need to excel in your management — you don’t get anything for free in a sense.” […]

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