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Brewarrina Quickshears a big drawcard

Kyle Brown and Makala Byrne in the new Bre Quickshears singlets. Photo TWH

The inaugural Brewarrina Quickshears event is on at the Brewarrina RSL this Saturday when the fastest shearers in the west battle it out for shearing honours.

Goodooga locals Kyle Brown and Taniell Pokarier-Baker from LuSid Shearing took on the promotion and organisation of the event, marking their serious inroads into the industry in the western region.

Taniell said she and Kyle were nervous about taking on such an iconic competition in their industry, but decided it was important that the event had as much local input as possible.

Forty-five competitors have already registered online but Taniell is keen to see more register before the day, as well as those who will nominate on Saturday.

“It’s a big job getting everything prepared for the competition, it’s unreal,” Taniell said.

“We had to crutch the sheep ready for the shearing and it took us three hours just to crutch 21 sheep.

“Then we’ve been setting up the trailers where the shearing will take place and all the little things that must be done beforehand.

“But we expect it to be a great day and we hope everyone around the region will come along and take part.

“We have some awesome singlets this year featuring Aboriginal designs by Nikylah Byno from Wilcannia who is only 16, and they’re fantastic.

“A lot of our mates are saying they’re coming especially for the singlets and if anyone wants to have a look at them, they are on our Facebook page so it’s worth checking them out,” she said.

The Quickshears event is at the Brewarrina RSL this Saturday, August 5 from noon.

There are five categories in the Bre Quickshears, with a $7,000 purse for the winner of the Open category.

Taniell has signed up at least 43 sponsors with TAFE NSW providing the shearing trailer and the sheep from Brian Johnson from Schute Bell.


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